Jim Redgate is a designer and builder of modern, cutting edge classical guitars. His models include the lattice-braced, double-top, the “wave” double-top (pictured) and traditional. Redgate's creations are the first choice of an increasing number of professional guitarists.

Made for and played by:

Pepe Romero (Traditional)
Ana Vidovic (USA) Lattice
Meng Su (China) Double Top
Ralph Towner (Italy) Double top and Traditional
Slava Grigoryan (Australia) Wave Double top, Double top, Traditional and Wave top baritone
Leonard Grigoryan (Australia) Double top and Traditional
Odair Assad (Belgium) Double top
Wolfgang Muthspiel (Austria) Wave Double top
Karen Schaupp (Australia) Wave Double top
Aleksandr Tsiboulski (Australia) Double top
Bertrand Thomas (France) Lattice
Jeff Young (USA) Lattice
Gareth Koch (Australia) Wave Double top
Emmanuel Rossfelder (France) Lattice
Hucky Eichelman (Germany) Lattice
Phillipe Mariotti (France) Lattice
Andrey Lebedev (Australia) Double Top
       Ben Dix (Australia) Double Top

Inquiries and Dealers:

Guitarras De Luthier guitarrasdeluthier@yahoo.es
Siccas Guitars info@siccasguitars.com

Recommended links for more information:

The Redgate Guitars workshop is solar powered and further offsets carbon for power use in production with greenfleet https://www.greenfleet.com.au/

photo by Danielle Marie www.dmportraitcouture.com/